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Rights of the user of the istituto radiologico gortan:

  • To be welcomed and treated with respect and kindness at all times.
  • To be protected in one’s privacy.
  • To obtain from Istituto Radiologico Gortan all information regarding the services provided.
  • To obtain information regarding the competence of the doctors and staff.

Istituto Radiologico Gortan patient satisfaction forms:

Patients are invited to express their opinion on the quality of the service provided by the Istituto Radiologico Gortan by filling out a satisfaction form, available in the waiting room and at the reception desk. The form can be inserted in the dedicated box, maintaining anonymity or indicating the patient’s name and telephone number. The satisfaction surveys are reviewed monthly and submitted to the Medical Director.

Duties of the istituto radiologico gortan user:

  • Cooperate with Institute staff and follow instructions for the proper performance of the requested examination. It is advisable, even if not necessary, to present the medical prescription and any documentation of previous investigations.
  • Report any pregnancy or contraindications to the requested examination, also in the light of the informed consent form.
  • Do not smoke and turn off mobile phones inside the Institute.
  • Respect the appointment time.
  • Check the receipt at the time of payment, to verify the correctness of the amount and personal data.
  • Notify us promptly in case of any cancellation of the appointment.

How to submit complaints to istituto radiologico gortan:

  • Personally to the Medical Director, requesting a meeting from the admitting staff.
  • By mail, sending a letter with the reason for the complaint and contact information for a response.
  • By using the space provided on the satisfaction form.


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