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At the Istituto Radiologico Gortan in Trieste we perform computed tomography (CT or CAT), a method that uses X-rays.

CT equipment

The Istituto Radiologico Gortan in Trieste uses a multi-slice device that allows to examine all body districts with optimization of the radiation dose administered to the patient.

Who performs the CT scan

The CAT examination is performed by the radiologist. In case of use of CM (contrast medium) the radiologist is assisted by the anesthesiologist. The interpretation of the examination is entrusted to radiologists.

Running the CT scan

The patient is comfortably lying on a scanning bed that runs through a short tunnel. There are no problems of claustrophobia. The duration of the examination varies in relation to the body districts to be examined, generally lasting about 15 minutes.

Precautions for CT scans

There are no absolute contraindications to the performance of a C.T. There remain contraindications related to the use of ionizing radiation and its potential biological damage to tissues. The patient must report any known allergies or any reactions that have occurred during previous investigations.

Preparation for CT scan

No preparation is required in a CT examination without contrast medium; however, in the case of the use of contrast medium, fasting for at least 6 hours and presentation of specific blood tests is required.


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