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High field magnetic resonance imaging


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The Istituto Radiologico Gortan in Trieste performs magnetic resonance examinations using a high field equipment (1.5 Head). This procedure allows for very detailed studies of all body districts.
The investigation will result in images of very high quality and with a reduced time of execution.
High-field MRI can be used for the study of:

  • central and peripheral nervous system (encephalon and spinal cord)
  • abdominal organs
  • pelvic organs, in particular prostate and female gynecological apparatus

Performance of magnetic resonance examination

The latest generation of MRI equipment is designed for maximum patient comfort. The size of the tunnel and its brightness allow those undergoing the examination excellent visibility to the outside, eliminating or reducing any problems of claustrophobia.

Precautions for mri examination

Before undergoing an MRI, you should notify your doctor of the presence of certain devices or health conditions such as:

  • cardiac pacemaker;
  • internal infusion pumps;
  • neurostimulators;
  • inner ear prostheses;
  • the presence of metal shrapnel within the body;
  • metal material following surgery;
  • established or suspected pregnancy.

The patient is required to notify any known allergies or any reactions occurred during previous investigations.

It is possible to download and fill in the informed consent in advance.

Informed Consent

Preparation for MRI

If special preparations are required, these are indicated by the personnel in charge when making the appointment. It is recommended to bring any previous exams with you.
If CM (contrast medium) is used, fasting for at least 6 hours and the presentation of specific blood tests (creatinine) are required.


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