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MRI with “open” equipment


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Magnetic resonance imaging is absolutely painless and risk-free. It is a diagnostic method that, with the help of magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves in the radio frequency range, allows us to obtain detailed body images (both of the skeleton and internal organs) without exposing the patient to ionizing radiation (X-ray).

Open magnetic resonance equipment (MRI)

The Istituto Radiologico Gortan in Trieste has one open MRI machine for magnetic resonance examination for the study of the entire body (total body) that does not give any feeling of claustrophobia.

It is possible to download and fill in the informed consent in advance.

Informed consent

Who performs the MRI exam

The radiographic examination is performed by the medical radiology technicians (TSRM) of the Istituto Radiologico Gortan or directly by the radiologist; the interpretation and communication of the examination are entrusted to the radiologists.

Performance of magnetic resonance examination

The machine is completely open to the sides and the patient is comfortably lying on a scanning bed. This significantly reduces problems of claustrophobia. The duration of the examination varies depending on the area to be examined; a scan will last on average about 30 minutes, during which time the patient must remain motionless.

Precautions for MRI examination

Before undergoing an MRI, you should notify your doctor of the presence of certain devices or health conditions such as:

  • cardiac pacemaker;
  • internal infusion pumps;
  • neurostimulators;
  • inner ear prostheses;
  • the presence of metal shrapnel inside the body;
  • metal material following surgery;
  • established or suspected pregnancy.

It is possible to download and fill in the informed consent in advance.

Informed Consent

Preparation for MRI

If special preparations are necessary, these are indicated by the personnel in charge when making the appointment. It is recommended to bring any previous examinations with you.


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