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Ultrasound-guided needle aspiration


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Ultrasound-guided needle aspiration is used to collect samples from nodules of organs and superficial structures, such as the thyroid, salivary glands and lymph nodes. The ultrasound guide allows for utmost precision during the procedure.

How the puncture is performed

The puncture is performed with a very thin needle, with minimum discomfort for the patient, and the aspirated material is smeared on slides and then transmitted to the Pathological Anatomy of the Hospital of Cattinara for diagnostic evaluation.

The procedure has a very high reliability and allows precise understanding of the nature of the various nodules investigated and then to set their possible treatment.

Who performs the aspirations

Aspirations are performed by Dr. F. Stacul supported by Dr. G.B. Bellis, with thirty years of experience in this activity.

Dr. Giovanni Battista Bellis
Medical Director and Radiologist
Dr. Fulvio Stacul


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